Tricky Out Of Control?
The unhealthy state of Tricky's career appears to be pushing the star to irrational acts of violence. The rapper's anger recently turned to violence when he attacked writer Craig McLean at the Glastonbury Festival. Tricky, who has lived in New York for over a year, entered the backstage hospitality tent with a minder who punched the journalist in an unprovoked attack. As the victim fell  to the floor, Tricky kicked him in the head, inflicting bruises and a swollen lip.
Tricky's latest album, Angels With Dirty Angels received a lukewarm response - and peaked at Number 23 in june before dropping out of the Top 75 two weeks
later. Three years ago Tricky's debut album, Maxinquaye entered the Top 5 and spent 27 weeks in the British charts. He doesn't just blame the media for the album's failure but also claims it has added unnecessary strain to his complicated relationship with singer, ex-girlfriend and mother-of-his-child, Martina Topley-Bird.

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