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Name:maz pate(godfrey) (Homepage)
Country: usa Date: Sat Mar 29 04:16:52 2003
Comment: hey cous, its maz whats up?
contact me.
take care

Name: (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Mar 27 01:33:54 2003
Comment: oh do you know you have the face of a genius
i'll send your love to Zeus

Name:Silence (Homepage)
Country: germaica Date: Mon Mar 24 17:25:01 2003
Comment: tricky u fill my melancholy my yearning each and every day, with your music you give me hope to survive in this society cause it tells stories I live and it gives me the feeling that there are more like me on this world. u make me spread my wings to fly away....stay yourself in that buiseness, you're a lost kind, seldom and special.

Name:ju-ju (Homepage)
Country: FRANCE_PARIS Date: Thu Mar 20 20:45:41 2003
Comment: itsosweet icantstop itmakesme...getsohi yeahdamusic, yes the site, thanx 2 the guy(z) who do it supasweet RESPECT (r u a girl, boyz n girlz are my friends in anycases...LOVE and i wanna tell everyone that u got to believe in u and dont forget tricky s got a lot of real friends who dont want him to feel wanna die SO KEEP HIM AND HIS FAMILY SAFE BY THE MIND and it ll be enough cause hes our boy come on sound is to good when bass 'hiss is too loud STAY STAY STAY tricky, your a prince MUSIC needs U 

Name:Er!n (Homepage)
Country: Australia Date: Thu Mar 20 06:39:26 2003
Comment: I didnt realise this guestbook was for Tricky also! Tricky, I adore your way of thinking and I ~love~ Maxinquaye. I fall asleep to it every night and it keeps my mind calm. I love Tool so I'm stoked that you work with Maynard a bit, but I havent been able to get my hands on any of the audio yet without downloading from the net and I'm anti-downloading! I'm cant wait till your book comes out, it should be an interesting and mind opening read! Take care and keep up the awesome work! Email me if yo

Name:Er!n (Homepage)
Country: Australia Date: Thu Mar 20 06:35:09 2003
Comment: I believe you are the most talented female vocalist. Your voice is so hypnotic and beautiful it just melts me! Well done for everything you have done and I wish you happiness and success for the future

Name:alvaro (Homepage)
Country: Peru Date: Wed Mar 12 21:49:27 2003
Comment: Cool music,i used to be down but changed my vision and my life, now im down but nicely down,write to me to talk about .

Name:alice hudin (Homepage)
Country: romania Date: Sun Mar 9 15:45:12 2003
Comment: you're the best!and there's nothing else 2 say!

Name:Jair (Homepage)
Country: Brazil Date: Fri Mar 7 15:53:27 2003
Comment: Kool site.I just think it lacked information tho.
Is this true that Tricky and Björk have dated each other?Is this true that The Smashing Pumpkins took part in one of the tracks of a Tricky album?

Name:Olly Thompson (Homepage)
Country: UK Date: Sun Feb 23 00:17:18 2003
Comment: Checked out your site... Bout time someone started worshiping the godess that is Martina... Huge fan with or with out Tricky, before and after public acclaim... Even lucky enough to have spent some time with the woman herself... So pleased to hear there's an album on the way... Gonna be counting the days


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