Glastonbury Festival (Pyramid Stage)
UK (27.06.98)
about 30 min (not the full show)
vocals: Tricky, Martina (!)

I don't know when Demise was played, only the order of the other 4 tracks: 

Pumpkin   (You Tube, tracks 1-4, audio only)
Bad dreams
Anti Histamine

Demise  (You Tube, it is called Bad Dreams by mistake)

This is the only live gig with Martina this year!

Here are some photos on Alamy.

There is a short note on NME about Tricky and his minder assaulting a journalist (Craig McLean, as you can read in Q magazine). The reason was an upsetting article named "The Mad Father" in The Face (read it here). 

Here are some vid caps (found here, not online anymore):





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