June 1998


Dear Media Friend,
Island Records recording artist, Tricky is getting ready to start his tour in support of his new album, Angels With Dirty Faces, released on June 2nd.
Thc Bristol born trip-hop master once again redefines music with Angels With Dirty Faces. The mix of break-beats, whispers, choirs, blues and gospel picks up where Pre-Millenium Tension left off. Tricky's longtime musical counterpart Martina, delivers her distinct vocal style throughout Angels. Additionally, the album's first single, "Broken Homes," is a duet with fellow innovator Polly Jean Harvey.
Please let me know if you have not received your copy of Angels With Dirty Faces. I'll be in touch soon to see if you'd like to check out a show and would appreciate any advance coverage you can give to Tricky.
Here's what thc press are saying about Tricky's Angels With Dirty Faces:
"Angels With Dirty Faces" is more than a star's gratuitous shout-out to the homeys
It's a renegadc Brit B-boy's caustic, lyrical declaration of self. In abandoning
his brilliant but lonely music diaspora, trip-hop's mongrel daddy has found
his hip-hop soul." ***1/2
"Angcls is Tricky's White album, or his Black album, depending on your
taste in magic. It demonstrates the strengths of traditional songcraft
yet is supported by brave, unorthodox music.
"Tricky has retained his integrity as an artist by releasing a grating album that is listenale for no other reason than the painfully intimate articulation of the mind behind it."

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