message from Tricky to his fans (11.11.99)    
                   well anyway
                     i was reading a revue
                     on juxtapose
                     and it said blah blah blah
                     yada yada if you want
                     to be a pop star boy
                     blah blah blah
                     now the first thing
                     i have to say is: 1) i dont
                     like the album
                     and 2) who the fuck wants
                     2 to be a pop star?
                     well anyway...
                     i wanna apologize
                     4 all my vocals on juxtapose
                     and 2 anybody i may have hurt over
                     the years
                     with my vocals or otherwise
                     to any pne i have been i may have
                     been dishonest to
                     mama couldn't tell me about breaking
                     young girls hearts
                     and anybody i lost along the
                     way. i'm used to losing people
                     like the kennedys
                     and i liked to appologize
                     4 the trip hop bollocks you might
                     about. my friend and manager
                     will explain

                     (danny here: tricky is referring to all the tacky trip hop and bs references
                     on the flash page to this site, which are honey attracting bees searching the

                     i wanna say thank you to the
                     lady who came to me on tour
                     and said you're in my home you're in
                     my children
                     and the kid who was in koma
                     4 the things you said
                     these people's words make me want to
                     stop breathin in a positive way
                     and anybody who met me on tour
                     and didnt like me fuck off and
                     die in a car crash
                     well anyway
                     and dj spooky you're faking
                     the funk you need to be
                     honest with yourself not a wannabe
                     with yourself
                     and finley we know
                     your name's mcgowan
                     quaye's my mum's
                     name leave it alone
                     well anyway




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