Angels With Dirty Faces
Tricky's new joint, Angles With Dirty Faces, delivers his lazy, hazy diction over chaotic, discombobulated beats. Like his Bristol homies Portishead and Massive Attack, he's opted for a decidedly darker sound this time around. The man who put the trip in trip-hoü sounds as though he has taken a little trip south of the Mason-Dixon; and in fact, a good portion of the album was recorded in New Orleans, and it shows. "Mellow" has a delta-bluesy guitar riff refrain; "Broken Homes," a duet with PJ Harvey, has a choir singing backup; "Singing the Blues" is aptly titles; and "6 Minutes" sontains the lyric "My voodoo make 'em sick" - and that's just the first four tracks! Later, in "Talk To Me," Tricky wails "Cry me a bayou." So, yeah, I'd say Tricky's feeling a little blue - the first cry for help is "You," with the lyric "I wanna blow my head off in Seattle." (Damn that Courtney Love!) Like most great albums Angels takes a few listens to sort out, but given the chance it proves to be heaven sent.
-- TB
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