Coachella Festival
Indio, CA, USA (28.04.01)
here's a review from Jesse:

Let me start off by saying that I had been on my feet for the last 9 hours and was very tried by the time 10:15 rolled around, which was when Tricky was supposed to come on. The hole day is already a blur, I'll let you think of why, so I might leave out some details and I appologize in advance. 

Well Tricky ended up coming on stage about 40 minutes, if not more, late. I didn't care about that much though because every act was late because of mishaps between acts. So anyways I find a spot about 4 feet away fromt the stage towards the right side. The lights finnaly turn off and a beat starts playing, a larger black guy walks out on stage to the microphone of three that was in the middle, along with him is a girl with medium length hair looking kind of scrubby she ends up at the mic on the right, in front of me. The beat starts going and I immediatly recognize it as being something off the new cd. The big guy starts half singing half talking in a deep jamaican accent, over the beat. Oh yeah I forgot to mention the band was a drummer and two guitarist, maybe a keyboardist also I cant remember. 

So the song goes on for a little bit, when Tricky finnaly comes out on stage wearing of all things pants from a sports suit, you know like the adidas style that were so hot in the 80's. I noticed he had hair, it was a short mowhawk thing, maybe 1 inch long. During all the songs Tricky was looking very jittery, sometimes he would be singing holding the mic with the stand almost shaking around in a 360. So anyways they finish this first song and Tricky says nothing to the audiance, instead goes back to the drums takes his full-sleeved shirt off leaving just a little shirt and starts smoking away,
just like he did when I saw him for the juxtapose tour. 

As a few people expected the next song was an almost disapointing Overcome, the female singer he had with him was just not up to par. Overcome finish's and they start with another new song, it was like the first definitely distinguishable as a new song. They went through that, and next up was Black Steel, followed by another new song. By this time I was no longer in a self imposed trance,
and I remember just looking around at the people around me and I can honestly say that all the people that I had talked to before the show who were very excited were as put as back as I was. 

So there I was during Black Steel just wondering what the hella happened, I look over to Tricky by the drums and he has his head down and it looked like he was maybe singing together with the song but by himself. Almost looked as if he was dancing a little. The show was so uncharasmatic that I cant really remember what happened after Black Steel, two more songs might have played but I can only remember the last song. Their was a slight pause as two more skinny guys joined the stage, one of which later turned out to be mad dog, at least i'm pretty sure it was mad dog. 

When they first came on I thought maybe they were members of Lynx and were going to do track 3 from mission accomplished. Instead they did another new song that was almost totally void of Tricky all together. In the begining of the song he kind of brushed up against the big guy that came out in the begining, almost like a kid in a schoolyard trying to pick a fight or he just couldnt walk straight. The song had all three guys besides Tricky going at it on the mike one at a time. Once again Tricky returned to his corner by the drums and continued to almost dance to the song, towards the end of the song he put his shirt back on and started easing towards the back of the stage to leave as if he was hoping nobody would notice. So the song ends Tricky is gone and the rest of the people on stage are filling out, and I try not to look at my friend with me, becuase I
know he will be dissapointed becuase of what I told him about the juxtapose show and this was his first Tricky show. 

All in all I must honestly say the show was dissapointing, I'm not sure if it was becuase of the new songs or because what seemed like a total lack of interest.



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