Teatro La Cupula
Santiago, Chile (22.05.2011)
vocals: Tricky, Francesca Belmonte

The setlist is taken from setlist.fm, with some corrections:
01You Don't Wanna Instrumental  (You Tube)       
02Really Real  (You Tube)
03Puppy Toy   (You Tube)    
Pumpkin  (You Tube, plus next song)             
05Ace Of Spades - audience on stage (You Tube)          
06Overcome   (You Tube)       
07Veronika    (You Tube)
08Dear God   (You Tube)
09 Council Estate    (You Tube)
10 UK Jamaican   (You Tube)    
11Evolution Revolution Love    (You Tube) (You Tube)
12 Past Mistake - audience on stage (You Tube) (You Tube) (You Tube) (You Tube
13 Vent  (You Tube) (You Tube  
?Time To Dance  (You Tube) (You Tube)
?Murder Weapon    (You Tube) (You Tube)
?Black Steel    (You Tube) (You Tube, plus next song)
?Gangster Chronicle   
?I Sing For The Joker   (You Tube)

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