Boston, USA (20.07.01)
vocals: Tricky, Ambersunshower, Hawkman, Marlon

here's a review from Rick:

I saw the Boston show, and I thought Ambersunshower was really great. When she went into "Lyrics of Fury", the 3rd or 4th song, I was amazed. I must say I've never seen a chick who could rap that well.  My general position is that I don't like any rappers that have a Jamaican accent or are female, so she gave me a shock.

I was surprised at how hard the show was. I was expecting it to be trippy and mellow, but it was intense, loud, and hard rockish. Very nice surprise. Tricky seemed pretty into it, so much so that he kept ending up facing the wrong way by the end of the song.

He didn't do any encore for the Boston show, but he played for longer than I expected, so I was happy. Hawkman didn't annoy me much - the only songs he participated in were ones 
where his vocals were tolerable (evolution... & #11 or so on Blowback).

Emiliana Torrini was really good and quite cute too.  I'm gonna get her album first chance I get.
Well anyway. C'est tout.




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