London, UK (20.06.95)
about 30 min
vocals: Tricky, Martina, Alison Goldfrapp

      1 Ponderosa (You Tube) - not sure about the order of Ponderosa
Pumpkin (with Alison Goldfrapp)
      3 Hell is round the corner (You Tube)
Strugglin' (You Tube, +next songs)
Overcome (You Tube)
Black steel (You Tube) (You Tube)
According to the website Rays Gigs and Concert Archives this was a "4 band Glastonbury Festival showcase gig arranged by NME". The other bands were Gene, Spearhead and Cornershop. You can see the concert listed in Melody Maker's Gig Guide from June 17 here. labeled as "The Beat recording night". Although the bands were listed wrong, it says "Tricky, Spearhead, The Little Diamonds".

It was also broadcast on UK TV show "The Beat" (details on IMDB), which is the origin of the You Tube videos. Probably the show was aired on TV on 6. July 1995, because that's what one You Tube video out in the title and it fits that it was broadcast shorty after.

I'm sure about the order of tracks 2-6 from a live bootleg that I have (although it was mislabelled as a show from 1994), but I'm not sure when Ponderosa was played. Judging from Martina's outfit it was played before the other tracks, because she's wearing a flannel shirt while performing Ponderosa, which she also wore for Hell is round the corner, but not anymore for Overcome and Black Steel. So it seems she took it off.

For a long time I listed this show as from the year 1994, because that's what my live bootleg was called (Astoria, London 1994). I always thought it's strange that Tricky played one show in 1994. Now it turns out the show is definitely from 1995, because the videos are identical to my audio versions! Thank God this weird mystery is finally solved! One of the Black Steel video is also dated 1994, but I really am sure that this is a mistake.




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