Istanbul, Turkey (10.04.2014)
vocals: Tricky, Francesca, No Lay

I don't know if the songs were played in that order and probably there were more songs played. The quality of the You Tube videos is poor, unfortunately.

Intro: ??? + You Don't Wanna   (You Tube)

'I Live Alone' (You Tube)

Nothing's Changed   (You Tube)

Parenthesis (You Tube)

Gangster Chronicle (London Posse cover), w/ No Lay (You Tube)

Puppy Toy (You Tube)

I Sing For The Joker  (You Tube)

Do You Love Me Now (Breeders cover)   (You Tube)

Nothing Matters (You Tube)

Vent   (You Tube)

Here's a review of the show.

See a turkish trailer for the show here.

See some photos at GettyImages here.



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